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PVC Insulation Shielded Wire


The PVC Insulation Shielded Wire is fit for ac rated voltage 300/300V electrical appliances,instruments and meters,electro-equipments and automatic installations,the standard for this product is based on the standard made by international electric commission IEC227 and is exactly the same.

Delivery Requirements

1. The length of cable should be in accordance with mutual agreements.
2. Cables should be coiled orderly.Cable tip should be closely wrapped and sealed.Exposed cable tip for AC testing should be long enough to meet the needs.The coil cable must be in the same model and the same specification.
3. If there is no agreement,the requirements can be in accordance with the contents of following table.

Model and Name

Model Name
AVP Copper conductor PVC insulation shielded wire
AVP-90 Copper conductor Heat-resistant 90℃ PVC insulation shielded wire
RVP Copper conductor PVC insulation shielded RVP-90 flexible wire
RVP-90 Copper conductor Heat-resistant 90℃ PVC insulated shielded flexible wire
RVVP Copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed shielded flexible wire
RVVP1 Copper conductor  PVC insulated entangled pvc sheathed flexible wire
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