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PVC Insulated And Sheath Electric Cable

Applications and Properties

The cable is used as power distribution and transmission line at rated voltage 0.6/1KV which can be fixed installed.0.6/1KV PVC insulated fire-resistance power cable is designed and manufactured according to GB/T12706-2008(Equivalent to IEC60502),its physical and electrical performance is the same as common plastic power cable.Its fireproof performance confirms to GB/T19216(Equivalent to IEC60331),therefore,this kind of product not only can transmit power for 120min in fire of 750-800℃this kind of cable is especially suitable for important locations such as tall building,underground railway,power station ans so on,where requires ability of fire-control.




PVC insulated and sheathed fire-proof electric power cable.


PVC insulated and sheathed steel tape armored fire-proof electric power cable.


The long-time working temperature of cable should not be higher than 70℃.
When core in in short-circuit(max 5s)the temperature should not exceed 160℃.
While installation the ambient temperature should not be lower than 0℃ and the bending radius should not be less than 10 times of outer diameter of cable.

Model Name and Application

Model Name Main Application
PVC insulated PVC sheathed power cable For laying in doors, inducts and in tunnels.                                   
Unable to bear pulling force and pressure.
PVC insulated steel tape armored PVC 
sheathed power cable
For laying in doors, tunnels and direct in ground. 
Able to bear pulling force and pressure.
PVC insulated thin steel wire armored 
PVC sheathed power cable
For laying down wells and under water. 
Able to bear certain pulling force.
VV42 VLV42 PVC insulated steel wire armored PVC 
sheathed power cable
For laying down wells and under water. 
Able to bear certain pulling force.
PVC insulated  PVC sheathed flame 
retardant power cable
For laying in doors,inducts and in tunnels. 
Unable to bear pulling force and pressure.
ZR-VV22   ZR-VLV22 PVC insulated steel tape armored PVC 
sheathed flame retardant power cable
For laying in doors,inducts and in tunnels.
Unable to bear pulling force and pressure.
PVC insulated thin steel wire armored PVC 
sheathed flame retardant power cable
For laying down wells and under water. 
Able to bear certain pulling force.
PVC insulated steel wire armored PVC 
sheathed flame 
retardant power cable
For laying down wells and under water.
Able to bear certain pulling force.

Structure and Size of the Cable

VV, VLV, ZRVV, ZRVLV, 0.6/1KV PVC insulated PVC sheathed flame retardant and non-flame retardant power cable.


The installation temperature should not over 20℃,if the ambient temperature is lower than 0℃,the cable should be preheated.
The bending radius of cable should not less than 8 times.
After installation,the cable should withstand voltage test for 15min,3.5kv D.C

Installation in Air

1. As the single core cable laying in parallel,the distance between the cable:center is 2 times(for cables,which cross sectional area of conductor≦185mm²)and 90mm²(for cables,which cross sectional area of conductor≦240mm²).
2. Ambient temperature: 30℃.
3. Max temperature of conductor: 70℃.
4. Rating factors of current rating for ambient temperature.

Installation in Ground

1.When the single core cables are installed separately,the distance between the cable:center is 2 times of the cable diameter.
2.Ambient temperature: 25℃
3.Max temperature of conductor: 70℃
4.Soil thermour resistivity:1.0°m/w
5.Depth: 0.7m
6.Rating factors under different ambient temperature
6. Current Rating
0.6/1KV copper conductor PVC insulated PVC sheathed flame retardant and non-flame retardant power cable installed in air for long term continuously load.

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